Update 2.4.2 - What's new?

Flow-based visual scripting for Python

A simple flow-based visual scripting runtime environment for Python, serving as a diagram-like representation of your Python script while being executable at the same time.

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About Ryven

What is Ryven

Ryven is a flow-based visual scripting environment for Python for creating diagram-like representations of your Python scripts. It provides you with a simple system to create new nodes executing any Python code. It might come in handy as a tool for exploration, too, once users created a lot more nodes. Convenient use cases include IoT, data processing and data manipulation, generally visualizing algorithms, Raspberry Pi, and basically any web API.

What it's not

A tool to learn how to program or to generally program in Python. And since there aren't a lot of node packages available yet, you will have to create most of the nodes you want to use yourself. However, this might be very different the future, once there are more nodes available. Please also keep in mind, that Ryven is not a professional piece of software and that it is still receiving quite active development and sometimes major changes.

Simple concept, intuitive UI

Besides a strong focus on simplicity and transparency, Ryven also constantly provides an intuitive and clear interface to the user.

Create clear and pretty flows

Design, of course, plays an important role. Therefore, Ryven offers a veriety of different flow designs.

Multiple Themes

theme dark std

Any Python code can be put into a node, no limits!

You can throw a whole application into a node as long as it runs on Python. There are no limitations to what can be processed or what libraries can be used!

Easy process of creating new nodes

Creating and programming a node is fairly easy and transparent. You can also add intuitive UI using Qt.

Node manager

There are data and execution connections but pure dataflows are possible

While most flow-based visual programming editors follow one of the two approaches, Ryven enables them both at the same time. For optimization in larger flows, you can also choose a suitable mode for the algorithm executing the flow.

data and execution connections

Stylus support

Ryven also supports stylus pens. Besides editing your project, you can write notes into your flows by hand. Effective use of this feature significantly supports clarity and adds a whole new dimension to your visual flows.

stylus support

Builtin interpreter

Ryven has a console with a complete builtin Python REPL, which is really useful, not only for developing nodes, but also for accessing internal data that is not provided as an output natively, for example. You can access a node's full API at any time through this console.

Builtin Console

Ryven Console

After you sufficiently tested a flow, if the nodes you used are compatible with Ryven Console, you can then run your flow in Ryven Console without any GUI, on the server for example, with much higher performance. This is useful for larger performance intensive data processing tasks.

Builtin Console

Source code access and live mainpulation

As Ryven tends to enhancing the textual representation with the visual one, instead of replacing it, you always have access to the source code implementation of the nodes you use. Furthermore, you can actually change method implementations any time which makes debugging and enhancing nodes very fast.
This is a very strong feature.

Builtin Console

It's free

While Ryven is neither a professional nor a commercial software, it runs mostly stable and it's 100% free and open source, following the approach to be a useful and flexible tool for students, teachers, or anyone who wants to effectively depict and visualize Python scripts.

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